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Abigail Dunnivan

Pastel  painting

From a very young age, Abigail Dunnivan and her older sister lugged around a big bag full of art stuff. Colored pencils, sheets of printer paper, and a variety of pens and markers were the tools they used to entertain themselves wherever they went. Encouraged by both of her artistic parents, Abby developed a life-long habit of drawing and painting. For Abby, art is as much a part of life as is eating.


Today, Abigail specializes in a realistic style with soft pastels. Armed with her trusty camera, she photographs her subjects as often as possible. She enjoys the unique adventures that come with that practice. Abby sketches her works freehand, providing the opportunity to design the movement, shape, and even the personality of any subject. Pastels lend themselves beautifully to a lengthy layering process. At times Abby must apply five to ten layers of medium to achieve the effect she desires. Her main focus is realism using a combination of techniques. Soft transitions and sharp details are employed to create a true-to-life product.


Abigail sees horses as fascinating subjects because they combine majesty, honesty and bravery. She has said, "Horses are relational yet spiritual animals that possess the power to touch people on an emotional level."


Abby is currently continuing her education through online art classes. At this time she is focusing her study on color, light, and composition. She is also studying character design and portraiture. Additionally, Abby continues to experiment with new mediums and styles to expand the range of her artistic creativity.

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