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Alexandra Cicorschi

Woodworker and Artist

Alexandra Cicorschi is an interdisciplinary artist based in San Francisco and holds an MFA from The Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany.  Cicorschi grew up in Romania, a country which until December 1989, was under communist regime. Her early surroundings taught her that necessity and lack of financial resources can fuel creative reuse as well as appreciation for an object’s true potential. This is something she continues to explore in her art practice as well as her day to day life.

In her artwork, strips of wood become her brushstrokes. Small movements inside wood grains influence large movements in interwoven flat sculptures. Open angles guide the fluidity of lines telling a story of perpetual movement and transformation. Continuity is at the base of creation because everything evolves from something. Where we decide to start our story is just the act of deciding what segment to focus on.


Alexandra finds inspiration in elements of nature, such as tree knots, clusters of leaves and rock formations. Her interest in contemporary dance echoes in her artwork, in the dialog between large gestures, broken movements and repetition. 

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