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Alexandra Cicorschi

Woodworking and painting

Alexandra Cicorschi is an interdisciplinary artist based in San Francisco. She received an MFA from The Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. Cicorschi grew up in Romania which was a country under communist regime until December 1989. Cicorschi utilizes raw wood she gathers from demolition sites, discarded furniture found on roadsides, as well as wood that is donated to her. Each piece of wood contains a story that add to each work’s narrative.


Alexandra writes, “In my artwork, strips of wood become my brushstrokes. Small movements inside wood grains influence large movements in interwoven flat sculptures. Open angles guide the fluidity of lines telling a story of perpetual movement and transformation. Continuity is at the base of creation because everything evolves from something. Where we decide to start our story is just the act of deciding what segment to focus on.”


Using symbols of conventional beauty found in nature, Cicorschi’s new body of work explores how our perceptions change when we slow down and let our minds wander. What things reveal themselves when the noise of our busy lives quiets and we allow ourselves to be fully in the present?

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