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Petri Vase in Algae- Elyse Graham

Manifested by Los Angeles based sculptor, Elyse Graham, Petri Vase in Algae is a small round sphere and measures to  5.5" h x 5"w x 5"d and is part of her Microbe Collection.  This piece features a muted blue green color as the base with a cluster of deep teal circles with aqua halos. The reverse gravity drip is a light pink. 



Using balloons as the base for creating her vessels, she is able to achieve a variety of shapes. Once the shape has been created she moves into building the interior of the vessel culminating layers of colorful translucent resin and allowing for the material to drip and create her signature reverse gravity drips featured on the neck of each vessel. 

Petri Vase in Algae- Elyse Graham

  • Elyse Graham is the founder and creative director of the studio. Driven by Elyse’s unique vision of building a studio that fosters and emphasizes connection, play, and experimentation (of people, processes, and in turn the objects created and shared) our small team works closely and collaboratively on each project.

    Elyse received a BA in sculpture and semiotics at Brown University. After years of making sculpture and running a business in jewelry design, Elyse decided to merge her separate practices and redirect her attention toward collectible design in 2013. The creative trajectory of the studio is heavily influenced by Graham’s background in fine art, specifically her interest in process-driven and material-based artwork. The studio’s vocabulary of shapes, patterns, and forms comes from a lineage of unconventional processes Graham has developed and built for working with plaster and resin.

    Graham shares her studio as well as her home with her husband, Lewis Mauk and their daughter, Eero.

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