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Sterling Silver Fish Earrings - Cynthia Nge

Designed and created by French jewelry, Cynthia Nge, this eclectic pair of sterling silver fish earrings was inspired by one of Nge's childhood souvenirs together with her love for nature. 


Each segment was hand-cut out of a solid silver sheet, and textured with a piece of fine linen fabric. The back of each segment is linked in a way where they're free to swerve vertically and horizontally as the wearer moves.

Sterling Silver Fish Earrings - Cynthia Nge

  • Originally from New Zealand, Cynthia Nge lives and works in Marseille, France. 

    Her handcrafted jewelry is understated and timeless, and challenges the notion that jewelry should be glitzy and flamboyant. New ideas and techniques are introduced in a regular basis, producing an eclectic and perpetual line that often utilizes movement.

    Her love of antiques and nature resonates in each piece. Her Franch flea market finds including, antique buttons, mother-of-pearl coins, engraved knives and vintage steel stamps often become part of her jewelry.

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