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The Space Between II- Roberta E.Laine

"The Space Between II" is an abstract contemporary monoprint by Texas artist Roberta E. Laine. In this one-of-a-kind print, layers of mulberry papers have been run through an etching press with hand-cut and found stencils. The papers have then been collaged together to create a playful, dynamic composition with a richly textured surface. The background of this print is a cream and light yellow color while the layers printed on top are teal and navy blue.


This piece measures to 14 1/4" x 19 1/2" framed. Framing options are available, please contact Colibri Art & Framing for more information.

The Space Between II- Roberta E.Laine

  • Roberta E. Laine is a full-time artist who grew up in the Midwest and now calls Fort Worth, Texas her home. Laine's mother was a monumental figure in her life, especially through childhood. Her mother would encourage Laine's artistic inclinations by providing an abundance of art supplies and was undaunted by Laine's process. Laine knew she was destined to pursue a professional art career despite the discouragements from her 1st grade teacher, who gave her a low grade for coloring outside the lines. 

    Laine earned a B.S of Art Education ( 1978) and a Masters in General Education ( 1995) from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. She taught visual art to public school students for 30 years, while pursuing her own creative endeavors by spending summers at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Frogman's Print Workshops, Milwaukee School of Art and Design and the Marchutz School of Art in Aix-En-Provence, France.

    After retiring from her career as a high school studio art teacher in 2017, she was offered the opportunity to teach in the Interior Architecture Department at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point from 2017 - 2019. To this day, Laine has continued fullfilling her dream of being a full-time artist.   

  • " The images that I create are a result of experimentation and play. I work intuitively and make aesthetic decisions using formal properties including point of emphasis, balance, movement, and unity. I am influenced by objects that most people might discard. Intricate folds and patterns that are created by product packaging are intriguing. I unfold every box with thoughts of image potential. The flattened packages are used to created shaped templates which I ink and run through a printing press onto paper. Plywood and grocery produce bags are used to create background textures. If you look closely you may recognize some of your own shopping experience. Vinyl lettering leftovers may appear as cryptic text or aerial street views. Printing onto translucent paper allows me to layer and build depth while summoning imaginary images for the viewer to translate."

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