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"Untitled" Blue, Orange and Green Blocks - Amy Torgeson

Created by California based artist printmaker, Amy Torgeson, "Untitled" (Blue, Orange and Green Blocks) is a Cyantotype and Screenprint on Okawara. 


"Okawara is named for the handmade Japanese paper I use in a series of small studies. I like to work fast and spontaneously in order to push my screenprinted marks and shapes. I often print 20 to 50 at a time, ending with only 1 or 2 prints that stand on their own. The rest of the paper is cut into squares and reassembled into collage on paper and wood. Maintaining a limited palette allows me to focus on shapes, transparency and opacity, and the subtle range of values developed through layering."


~ Amy Torgeson, Okawara on Paper


This piece is unframed and measures to 17" x 21". Framing options are available. Please contact Colibri Gallery for additional information.

"Untitled" Blue, Orange and Green Blocks - Amy Torgeson

  • Amy Torgeson is an artist working in printmaking and collage. She loves the collaborative relationship between both methods; printmaking provides material for collage, and the layering and multi-dimensional qualities of collage make their way back into her printmaking. Her studio practice is focused on process and experimentation and she likes to see evidence of the process in the final work. “I’m hoping to capture a sense of being in the middle of things, of coming upon a work when there’s still potential, when the thing is still alive and unfinished. That’s the most exciting moment to me, when I’m in the middle of making.” Amy loves stories, writing and words but was ultimately a frustrated writer. Her love of typography (the shapes not the nomenclature) serves as an important starting point for much of her work. Amy spent ten years teaching writing and art to college students, with arts organizations and in after school programs. Today, she hosts art workshops in her studio in Sausalito, providing an intimate space for creative flow and connection. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children.

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