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Tim Filice



Working primarily in oil on canvas, both in my studio and plein air, I strive to express the wonder and uniqueness that I perceive in commonplace scenes, those moments which are often lost in casual observation. I am drawn to interpret and hopefully to elevate the intricate designs and natural patterns evident throughout our landscapes—whether it be a massive eucalyptus trunk, or perhaps the jigsaw puzzles carved by clumps of chaparral on mountain grasslands. I find contentment in capturing and recording these moments. I acknowledge what might be otherwise lost and hope to kindle appreciation of these sights by others.


While Filice is best known for his evocative landscape paintings, his artistic journey began as a woodcarver, apprenticing under famed Bavarian carver Alex Zeller. After much time spent honing his eye for detail and mastering his wood-craft technique, Filice began to turn his attention to oil painting in the 2000s.

Although largely self-taught, Filice has attended numerous professional workshops, classes, and programs over the past two decades and is highly dedicated to his artistic pursuits. His early three-dimensional woodworks greatly inform his current works in oil through shape, texture, color and natural themes that all bring the detail to light.

Filice lives and works in Northern California and is held in numerous private collections.

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