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Uma Kelkar


Uma is an artist-engineer who has made the Bay Area home since 1999. She is a watercolor painter and urban sketcher who also sketches in ink, gouache, and on the iPad. She has taught at Urban Sketchers International Symposia ( '17, '18, '19, '24) and is author of Urban Sketching book for the iPad. She strongly believes in cross-pollination and borrowing ideas from various fields to improve sketching. She has exhibited globally with 35+ awards and shows, taught 45+ workshops, authored 2 books, contributed to 6+ books and led 25+ lectures and demos worldwide. She holds signature memberships from CWA, NWS, and CSPWC. As a community builder, she has engaged in local watercolor societies as well as international ones. She led Strategy for International Urban Sketchers as an Executive Board member. When Uma is not teaching or creating art, she is the Founder-CEO of, an AI startup that focuses on keeping humans in the creative loop, supercharging them and not replacing them. Before her own startup, she had a 20 year semiconductor design career largely in high-speed communication chips. She holds a Master of Science (EE) from Stanford University and Bachelor of Engineering from Pune University, India. 

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