Aaron Cordell johnson

Plein Air Gouache

I am searching for the sensation of the subject. I am interested in finding an authentic experience through the act of creation. My work involves physical interaction and passion for the subject. The paintings I create are the result of time, searching for just the right cloud formations, watching the colors, and experiencing what it means to be in an environment. Through these experiences I use color, brushstrokes, drawing and texture to express the lay of the land and its effect on me.

As an avid outdoorsman and passionate painter I hope to use my work to heighten our awareness of the significance of our surroundings, such as the way a cloud floats across the sky, how a dead tree's branches pierce the sky, or the brilliant complementary colors of fall.  Each painting is the culmination of absorbing, listening, feeling and observing my surroundings. 

Colibri Gallery  - 17505 Monterey Rd. -  Morgan Hill, CA

(408) 776 - 3056