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Workshop FAQs

Welcome! Please contact us at Colibri Gallery with any questions. Below are some commonly asked questions:

Q: Why are some of the workshops hosted at a different location? 
A: Colibri Gallery is in the process of building a larger space to offer art workshops. Some of our smaller workshops like drawing and photography, will be hosted at Colibri Gallery. For our large-scale workshops such as painting and printmaking, we partner with local non-profit 6th Street Studios & Art Center. 


Q: I want to take a workshop, but I’m not ready to commit. If I am free the day of class, can I still join? 

A: All Workshops Require Pre-Registration. Workshops are contingent upon student registration. If the minimum student capacity is not met One-Week prior to workshop date, it will be cancelled. If there is a class you want to take, we recommend you secure your spot as soon as possible.

Q: Do I need to be an artist to participate in a workshop? 

A: We offer a variety of classes for all backgrounds and skill sets. In each listing, you will find the designated skill level of the course.

  • Beginner: You are new to the medium  

  • Intermediate: You have some experience with the medium, but would like to broaden your skills 

  • Advanced: You exhibit a proficient knowledge and skill set in using the medium  


Q: Why do the classes cost what they do? 

A: There are many expenses that the workshop fees cover including, paying our professional artist instructors a livable wage, how many hours and days that the workshop is offered, space + furniture rental, art materials, refreshments. 

We do offer Early Bird Rates for each of our classes if you sign up early.

Q: Are there any art classes for children? 

A: We are currently in the process of including workshops for children ages 8 – 12.  

Q: I’m an artist and I’d like to teach workshops. How do I apply? 

A: Colibri Gallery is always looking for local professional artist instructors. Click Here for application guidelines.  

Q: What happens if the workshop I registered for gets cancelled?  

A: If by chance the workshop you’ve registered for gets cancelled due to lack of enrollment, you will be notified and refunded your tuition fee. 

Q: Can I get a refund if I miss class? 

A: We know plans change! For a full refund, please contact the gallery directly 2 weeks before the workshop. 

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