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hannah skoonberg


Hannah Skoonberg is an artist and printmaker based in San Francisco, California. She grew up in Georgia and studied printmaking at the University of Georgia and the University of Tennessee. She currently teaches studio art and printmaking classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College. She discovered printmaking as a high school student and has never looked back. 

Her work considers themes embedded in ideas of landscape and a feeling of place. Her most recent work has been focused on non-traditional landscapes such as the tangled thicket or the overgrown thicket. How does our understanding of the landscape change when it is not welcoming or a space that the viewer can easily enter? The work consists of a series of linoleum cuts. A process where the image is carved into a block and then printed onto paper like a stamp. This makes it possible to have a limited edition of prints on paper that is entirely hand-made. The work of carving the block is a slow and meditative process where each mark is removed with a small tool. 

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