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Janet Vanderhoof: The Story of Twelve

Spring 2022

Vanderhoof is a San Francisco Bay Area Painter currently residing in Morgan Hill, California. This series was inspired by a series of 120 small (6"x6") abstract paintings created during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. Utilizing a limited set of tools and mediums, Vanderhoof delved into abstraction using oil sticks on oil paper.

Fueled with excitement by this new way of working, Vanderhoof selected 12 of the most successful small paintings to enlarge to 36" x 36": thus inspiring The Story of Twelve. Using the same creative approach as her guide, a new challenge had presented itself. How would she re-create the twelve larger paintings without losing the authenticity of their smaller counterparts? With consideration of various methods including tracing, projection and grid graphing, she made the decision to use the smaller pieces as a loose visual guide. Utilizing spontaneity, embracing happy accidents, along with the physicality of this new scale, she found she was able to capture the essence of the smaller paintings. Vanderhoof, an empathic painter, enjoys creating beauty within her pieces and sharing her creativity with her viewers. She hopes to inspire them to go deeply within themselves and allow art to heal. 

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