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I’m an explorer. Navigating terrain and documenting botanical and geological matter, I’m looking for clues, details that get missed or forgotten. I hold them up to see what they point to and what they convey.


From the micro to the macro, the natural world provides me with a variety of environments and organisms to investigate and study, and I find perpetual inspiration in seeing how everything is connected and how it works. Systems existing in clusters or groups hold particular interest for me because of the way individual bodies come together to build a larger whole. I use references like densely textured coral reefs or interlocking cellular structures as a springboard, a place to start creating my own forms - which are playful but complex.


Through my chosen media of printmaking, sewing, and sculpture, I create richly detailed and often textured surfaces that feature jewel-like colors, building in each piece a visual investment of time and reflecting the authenticity of nature.


Herron School of Art & Design, Indianapolis ----- BFA 2003

University of Tennessee, Knoxville ----- MFA 2006

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