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Organic Forms: A Plethora of Prints

May 11 - June15, 2024

Traditionally, printmaking is a process where ink is applied to a 3D substrate such as a carved woodblock or an etched metal plate and sent through a printing press where the image is transferred to a sheet of paper. Each of these artists reimagines this traditional 2D process through their unique and unexpected use of materials and subject matter.


Abiam Alvarez, Lauren Kussro, and Kristen Martincic create three dimensional sculptural forms that are rooted in printmaking while Kathryn Polk, Katherine Warinner, Hannah Skoonberg, and Amy Torgeson reinvent traditional forms of printing through storytelling, photographic processes, and collage. All the artists share a curiosity with the world and pull various inspirations from ancestral lineage and typography to vessels, coral reefs, and water. There’s a sense of becoming or perhaps an unraveling in their work that encourages the viewer to slow down. We invite you to linger and discover a new perspective on printmaking.


The show features work from Morgan Hill + Gilroy artist Abiam Alvarez, Bay Area artists Hannah Skoonberg (San Francisco), Amy Torgeson (Mill Valley), and Katherine Warinner (San Anselmo) along with prints from Lauren Kussro (Texas), Kristen Martincic (Missouri), and Kathryn Polk (Indiana). 

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