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Coastal Remnants

August 26 - October 14, 2023

Colibri Gallery Presents Coastal Remnants, an exploration of the transformative and time-intensive creative practice of Bay Area artists Rachell Hester and Treg Silkwood. Through the juxtaposition of darkroom photography and hand-blown glass sculpture, viewers will be immersed in the wonderous, and sometimes surreal perspectives inspired by the Northern California coast.

Rachell Hester is a painter and photographer based in Monterey, CA. The natural world is a pivotal force in her artwork. Rachell explores the wooded trails in Monterey County and the Big Sur coastline with her camera, often capturing vistas that are off-limits to most people. Using film photography and alternative processes such as solarization and infrared film, Rachell spends many hours in the darkroom controlling the development of a photograph. Through this intentional distortion, she creates haunting compositions depicting scenes and marine life abstractions that don’t naturally exist.

Treg Silkwood is a glass artist whose career spans over three decades. He is recognized as a premier California Marine Artist and one of the foremost artists working in glass. Taking inspiration from walks along the California coast, Treg’s artwork explores his fascination with the many species of shells and natural objects he’s collected from his excursions. In response to these elegant forms, Treg creates blown glass sculptures that not only enrich his appreciation for the intricate complexities of the natural world but also form a personal connection to a place which he calls home.

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