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Elyse Graham


Elyse Graham is the founder and creative director of the studio. Driven by Elyse’s unique vision of building a studio that fosters and emphasizes connection, play, and experimentation (of people, processes, and in turn the objects created and shared) our small team works closely and collaboratively on each project.

Elyse received a BA in sculpture and semiotics at Brown University. After years of making sculpture and running a business in jewelry design, Elyse decided to merge her separate practices and redirect her attention toward collectible design in 2013.


The creative trajectory of the studio is heavily influenced by Graham’s background in fine art, specifically her interest in process-driven and material-based artwork. The studio’s vocabulary of shapes, patterns, and forms comes from a lineage of unconventional processes Graham has developed and built for working with plaster and resin. Graham shares her studio as well as her home with her husband, Lewis Mauk and their daughter, Eero.

About Elyse Graham Studio

Founded in 2014 and based in Los Angeles, the Elyse Graham Studio is a place where unusual materials and experimental processes are implemented to create a melding of art and object.  They design by making—with an emphasis on capturing the unique properties of the materials they use through exploration and innovation.

Each piece they make is non-repeating and completely individual. They have intentionally designed every process we use — from how they mix our colors to how they cast our forms to highlight and celebrate the time-based, made by hand quality of their work. All of their pieces require a specific kind of care and attention at every level of production.

At the core of their studio is their endless fascination with inviting the unknown into their work and exploring our passion for creating pieces that tell a story— about the materials they are made of, the artists who make them and the homes they live in. Each piece is a journey.

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