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Jerri Kuehn

Acrylic Painting



Artist Jerri Kuehn loved drawing and creative expression from the time she could first hold a pencil and make a mark on paper. She would entertain herself for hours drawing and coloring. Art classes were a very important part of her educational years. After college Jerri worked as a Graphic Artist and then a Certified Picture Framer and Manager for galleries. After 15 years she decided to follow her heart and make a commitment to creating fine art as well. 


In 2001 Jerri began showing and selling her detailed graphite drawings. She received numerous awards over the next decade. She is honored to have one of her pieces included in two books published by North Light Books: “Strokes of Genius volume 1” and “Art Journey – Animals”. She began studying acrylic painting in 2011 with Bay Area artist Wayne Jiang. who developed a technique to achieve the look of the old Dutch Masters’ oil paintings using acrylics. This technique involves a limited palette, under-painting, and glazing to achieve luminosity and depth. This process is called Indirect Painting and takes considerable time. 


Even though her subjects vary widely, each painting is intended to honor the beautiful essence she has experienced in the deep contemplation of her subject. Some of the animals that speak to Jerri’s soul are endangered and she hopes to help raise awareness of conservation efforts. Jerri’s goal is to entice the viewer to take a closer look and appreciate the beauty all around them, even in things often ignored or taken for granted.

Artist Statement


I create art because I’ve learned I must; it feeds and calms my soul. It lets my spirit soar. I am continually fascinated with the process of making an image appear three- dimensional on a flat surface. I love the interplay of light and shadow. I paint with acrylics, using an under-painting and glazing technique to achieve luminosity and depth. A wide variety of subject matter appeals to me and I have many paintings already in my head just waiting to emerge. Working from photos I have taken allows me to draw on my experience of that moment as I paint. Many of the animals I am drawn to are endangered. I hope to raise awareness of their plight through my art. I enjoy creating small, intimate portraits of my subjects as a tribute to honor our experience of life here on this awesome, mysterious, indescribably magnificent planet called Earth.

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