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Passages | Bianca Levan

December 2, 2023 - February 3, 2024

Passages is a series of hand-cut paper realms created by artist Bianca Levan that explore multiple ways in which one can experience the process of transition - specifically on the liminal, sustained experience of being in flux.


Working within the confines of black paper, she delicately navigates the complexities of positive and negative space. Each piece begins as a scene inspired by an internal inquiry and often includes natural and human-borne elements as well as the unexpected. Once completed, the paper is placed between two panes of glass inside a shadowbox frame, resulting in a work of art that inhabits both two and three-dimensions. The detail and scale of each piece invites viewers to explore and create their own interpretations.


Papercutting is a method of emotional processing for Bianca. The journey to create a piece is a voyage through a psychological landscape. Her cuttings generally originate from an idea she’s exploring, an internal debate, or an observation about lived experiences. Since the body carries emotional experiences, both past and present, she is able to connect the feelings to thoughts through the physicality of papercutting.


Bianca Levan is a Vietnamese-American artist based in San Francisco, California. She is fascinated with the process by which contemplation, emotion, and choice weave a path in time. Her hand-cut work embraces imperfections left by the knife blade and the inherent constraints of black paper. She graduated from University of California, Davis, where she studied Biology and English Literature, the combination of which greatly informed her detailed and narrative ways of expression.

Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions nationwide, including The Brand Library, MarinMOCA, SOMArts Cultural Center, and Voss Gallery. She was selected as 2023 ArtSpan Amplify Juror’s Choice by Valerie Imus, Artistic Director and Co-Director of Southern Exposure, and is a member of the 2023 Ruby Creatives in Residence Program.

Winter Salon

Colibri Gallery's Winter Salon featured an array of small works by over 20 Bay Area Artists. 

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