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Original Abstract Mixed Media Print on Wood

"Bisect is a mixed media print on wood cradle by San Anselmo, CA based artist Katherine Warinner. This piece depicts layers of botanical elements. Off to the left side of the piece is a black and white monotype print of an organic branches rising towards the top of the piece in white and black. To the right, is a multi-layered monotype print of leaves and other organic matter.


This piece measures out to 12" x 12" unframed and is ready to hang.

Bisect - Katherine Warinner

  • Katherine Warinner  is an artist working primarily in printmaking. Her monotypes- a hybrid of painting and printmaking, digital imagery and photographic processes- reinvent traditional forms of printing with modern technology. Inspired by a love of design, the landscape and her garden, she seeks to illuminate and elevate the timeless beauty of the natural world.

    Katherine Warinner's artwork is in many private and corporate collections. She has had recent exhibitions at the Marin Art and Garden Center and at Jay Jay Gallery in Sacramento. She has been an artist in residence at Kala Art Institute and InCahoots Residency, where she prints her large-scale works on paper.  Warinner was born in the Midwest, where she also completed her undergrad and graduate studies. For the past 30 years, Warinner has been a resident of Marin. 


  • Artist Statement

    "Art making is like collecting; as a child I loved to collect insects, leaves, and rocks. Each new addition leads to another and there is a kind of thrill to that attainment. In the making of prints, each one leads me to a new place and from theire I expand. There is always the question of when to stop because it is impossible to erase in printmaking! A print can go too far and collapse or balance on the edge of beauty. That edge is what keeps me working"

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