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Two Large Hand-Blown Teal, Yellow and White Glass Driftwood Pieces

Created by San Jose based glass artist, the " Blue Mahoe Pair" is an elegant two-piece sculpture of driftwood made entirely out of hand-blown glass. Using various pigments of teal, green and ochre, Treg masterfully captures the appearance and texture of driftwood you'd find on shore. Each piece of this duo measures 12"w x 22"h x 6"d and fits well in any room.

Blue Mahoe Pair - Treg Silkwood

  • Treg Silkwood is a glass artist whose career spans over three decades. He is recognized as a premier California Marine Artist and one of the foremost artists working in glass. Taking inspiration from walks along the California coast, Treg’s artwork explores his fascination with the many species of shells and natural objects he’s collected from his excursions. In response to these elegant forms, Treg creates blown glass sculptures that not only enrich his appreciation for the intricate complexities of the natural world but also form a personal connection to a place which he calls home.

    Treg has a BFA in glass from Alfred University and studied abroad at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, where he learned Czech mold-making and coldworking techniques. Post graduation, Treg worked as a glass blower recreating Early American Glassware at Greenfield Village, within The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. He was an artist-in-residence at The Corning Museum of Glass in New York and part of the original crew that created The Corning Musuem of Glass Roadshow. In 2002, Treg and his wife Candace, established Silkwood Glass, a custom glass company specializing in marine life sculpture. He currently works as an independent artist at his studio at the Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI) in San Jose, CA.

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