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Abstract Hard Cover Book Collage with Blue, Violet, Green, Chartreuse, and Orange Tiles and Intersecting fonts.

"Colorblocks" is a hard cover book collage on wood panel by San Carlos, CA based artist, Kerith Lisi. This vibrant piece features an array of rectangular book cover pieces in tones of green, blue-green, orange, and violet with intersecting book pieces featuring typeface fonts. Some color blocks showcase unique textures and solid color, while others have unique design inlays. This piece measures out to 6.5"w x 6.5"h x 1"d and is ready to hang. 



Colorblocks - Kerith Lisi

  • Experience the intimate world of Kerith Lisi's upcycled Hard Cover Book Collages. Influenced by everyday materials (vintage books, ephemera, found objects, etc.) Kerith explores the beauty within the wear and tear of these materials. Piecing together cohesive compositions, she incorporates a mixture of unique textures, bold colors, and remnants of written text into her work.

    Kerith's process of assembling her compositions allows her to completely let go of expectations and remain present while allowing her materials to guide her creations. Working with discarded materials invites her to explore universal ideas of the human experience: nostalgia, second chances, and the beauty of imperfection.

    Kerith Lisi is an interdisciplinary artist based in San Carlos, CA. She studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and earned a BA in International Relations from UC Davis. Her work has been exhibited at many local galleries and museums including, the de Young Museum, SLATE contemporary, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, STUDIO Gallery and Seager Gray Gallery.

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