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Ovulo Earrings in Gold - Michal Lando

"Ovulo Earrings in Gold" were created by Brooklyn, New York based jeweler, Michal Lando. These contemporary earrings were made with two colors of nylon in two colors fastened with a Gold cap with threader chain. 


Colors available are: Red over Black, Black over White, and Light Blue over Purple.


Length: 6 - 10cm

Ovulo Earrings in Gold - Michal Lando

  • Michal Lando is a jewelry artist living in Brooklyn, New York, who makes work out of nylon mesh. Her work has been selected for exhibitions across the country including Materials Hard + Soft exhibition at the Denton Arts Center in Denton, TX, Kaleidoscope exhibition at Reinstein/Ross in New York City, and Touchy Feely at the Baltimore Jewelry Center. Her work is included in Artistry in Fiber, Vol. 3 Wearable Art, published by Schiffer Publishing.  Her work can be found at galleries and museum stores across the country.

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