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Red Bird, Twigs and Paris Subway Route Map Mixed Media Encaustic Painting

"Paris Subway" is a mixed media encaustic painting byPetaluma based artist, Diana Majumdar. The painting depicts a small oil painted Northern Cardinal perched a top two brown branches. Behind the bird, is a map of the Parisian Subway Route System. 


This piece imeasures to 5.25"w x 11" h unframed. The mediums Diana used in this piece are: paper collage, photo transfer, encaustic and oil paint. She also assembles all of her wood cradles. 

Paris Subway- Diana Majumdar

  • Diana Majumdar's work is a journey of discovery. Layering, obscuring, and revealing details are integral components of her process. She often combines mediums that don't traditionally go together. Diana uses encaustic to fuse layers, achieving a deep multi-dimensional surface. She enjoys achieving a dreamy appearance on her work by creating veiled surfaces using the encaustic . The wax allows layers to recede or even become obscured, which prevents Majumdar from becoming too precise or realistic. 


    Majumdar grew up in Estonia in the last days of the Soviet Union and was exposed to many forms of art at an early age through her father.  She enjoyed spending time watching him draw and paint. She also cherished their visits to museums in Estonia, Russia, and Armenia, especially because he gifted her his large collection of art books printed in Russian and Armenian. Majumdar studied at The Academy of Art University and enjoyed exploring the range of mediums and methods taught there. Majumdar is an interdimensional artists with experience in clay sculpture, figurative charcoal drawings, painting with watercolors, oil and acrylic, in addition to her mixed media work.

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